What is American Dental Care?
American Dental Care is a referral service that has organized a large number of dentists and optometrists in order to provide them with new patients. In return, the dentists can greatly reduce their prices up to 80%. Each member can choose a participating dental office that is convenient to them.

When does American Dental Care go into effect?
Service will begin as soon as you receive your membership card. Simply call the dentist or optometrist you have selected from our list for an appointment and present your I.D. card.

Many American Dental Care providers will accept both your dental insurance and this dental plan. Discuss this matter with the provider you have chosen prior to any treatment. Since American Dental Care is not an insurance company there are no deductibles or claim forms and all previous dental problems are accepted.

How does American Dental Care compare to average group dental insurance?


American Dental Care

Group Dental Insurance

1) $0 deductible 1) Normally a $50 deductible
2) No limit on benefits 2) Normally a maximum of $1000 annual benefit
3) No claim forms to file 3) Claim forms must be filed
4) Use your plan the same day 4) Normally a one-year waiting period for major procedures
5) No cost to employer 5) Normally there is an administration fee or an employer contribution required

Why would I want to switch from my current dental plan?
Other dental plans charge much higher monthly rates to cover seldom used procedures. American Dental Care includes services most commonly required: exams, cleanings, X-rays, crowns, fillings, braces, contact lenses, glasses and much more.

Can I change dentists or optometrists?
Yes. You may change dentists or optometrists any time without you or your company doing or changing any paperwork. Simply present your I.D. card to the new dentist or optometrist you have selected.

How do I enroll?
1. Simply fill out the application. List all the members of your household to be enrolled by American Dental Care.

2. Please include the one-time enrollment fee and the first months fees. If paying annually, multiply your monthly fee by 12 and also include the one-time enrollment fee.

3. We also accept most major credit cards.  Include card number and expiration date.  Indicate if payments are monthly or annual.

4. Upon receipt of your application, a list of participating dental offices, optometrists and your membership card (one per family) will be sent to you.

Dental fees
Due to the greatly reduced fees for dental services, most dentists require payment in full at the time the dental service is performed. Some dentists may let you pay with monthly payments; however, arrangements must be made in advance with the individual dentist.

1. Accidental injury or conditions that are covered under workmans compensation or occupation act or law.

2. General anesthesia, I.V. sedation and/or hospitalization or hospital or medical charges of any kind.

3. Office visits to or services performed by a dentist or specialist who are not part of American Dental Care

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